Телевизор sanyo pdp 42xs1 инструкция

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Total darkness or a reflection on the picture screen may cause eyestrain. Soft and indirect lighting is recommended for comfortable viewing. Optimum reception of color requires a good signal and will generally mean that an outdoor antenna must be used. The exact type and position of the antenna will depend upon your particular area.

Identification of Controls Continued Main Unit rear view 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 10 9 1. Antenna input Connect to your cable system or outdoor antenna. RS interface For service use.

The user cannot operate the unit through this terminal. Switches the TV power on or Standby. Switches between TV and Radio mode. Displays the favorite channel list. Selects the favorite channel. Press to enter channel numbers or 6 4 16 input password. Selects the screen size. Displays the main menu screen. Connections Cautions before connecting Carefully check the terminals for position and type before making any connections. The illustration of the external equipment may be different depending on your model.

Loose connectors can result in image or color problems. Make sure that all connectors are securely inserted into their terminals. Refer to the operating manual of the external device as well.

When connecting an external device, turn the power off to avoid any issues. Ippon smart winner Трансформатор Ippon smart winner Кнопка защиты. Ippon smart winner Modul S2. Ippon smart winner Modul S1. Ippon smart winner Блок предохранителей S2. Ippon smart winner Соединительный кабель. Ippon smart winner Блок розеток. Ippon smart winner Комплект соединительных проводов.

This maintenance manual is intended only for the reference of the maintenance people. Please pay attention to the following points before carrying out the maintenance work. Method of software upgrading 1. Enter the software upgrading state of the TV Method 1: Upgrading tools Connection cable Otherwise it may lead to no way for flash to rewrite. MSP Sound power amplifier: Descriptions of the pins: Output to the right and left sound channel of sound power amplifier 33, Diagnose and service of panel 1.

If not, plug it well. If the problem still remains after the replacement, then replace the logic board. Finally if the problem is still there, then the problem lies with COF.